The Biggest iPhone Yet?

It's only a few years ago that the drive in mobile phone technology was for ever-smaller devices. But recently we've seen a shift in that, as the amount of things we use them for has increased. Where once they were designed for making and receiving calls, sending text messages and taking the occasional photo, now they have become miniature computers in their own right, used for everything from personal organisation to watching movies or reading comics. All of this has of course necessitated bigger screens, as well as larger batteries and processors to handle the extra workload.


what's the biggest iPhone?

Nowhere is this more apparent, of course, than in the never-ending stream of technological wonders that stream out of Apple. And it looks like this trend is going to continue in a major way with Apple's 2018 lineup of new iPhones. According to an anonymous source reported by Bloomberg, Apple is running production tests on three new models of its iconic iPhone with suppliers. And one of the three looks set to be its biggest phone yet.

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With a body roughly the same size as the iPhone8, the new model looks like it will boast a 6.5 inch screen, using the same full screen design as the iPhoneX. Also shared with the iPhoneX is an OLED display, with a resolution of 1248 by 2688 pixels and a facial ID scanner, all running on an A12 processor, which is also expected to be utilised in the upgraded edition of the iPhoneX. The third iPhone will keep the design of the iPhoneX but make a few compromises to bring its eye-watering price down a little, for example by using an LCD display and cutting out all the stainless steel, as well as the 3D Touch feature.

Despite a massive hype machine and favourable reviews, the iPhoneX hasn't sold as well as expected, with its $1000 price tag putting many customers off. This new lineup seems to be a way of rekindling sales by offering models for various budgets. According to Long Ventures' Gene Munster, history has shown that when the screen size increases, so do sales- so Apple are both providing a model for those on a tighter budget and a new bells-and-whistles large screen model for their high-end customers.

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