Apple AirPods 2

With the first Apple AirPods being released nearly 2 years ago it is no surprise the new ones have been released recently. Now, with not being able to buy the old model what is it about the new ones that make them better and are they worth it?

To start, both the previous and the new model hold the same battery life meaning the battery life lasts for 24hrs but you can have 5hrs of actually play time. But you’re probably still wondering what makes this one significantly improved to the previous one, well, this one now uses the H1 chip whereas previously it was the W1 chip. The H1 proprietary chip is claimed by Apple to allow its users to connect phone calls 1.5 times faster making general connection to other devices quicker. Another benefit to this new chip is that allows you to activate “Siri” handsfree just simply saying “Hey Siri” like the way you activate Siri on your iPhone.


Another thing is the price options Apple offers. You can buy the AirPods with a charging case for £159.00 which hasn’t changed in price difference to the first generation but now you can buy them with a wireless case for an overall cost of £199.00 or separately for £79.00.

Most of the other features are the same such as overall design, battery and standard pricing so there isn’t a groundbreaking amount of different between the two. So if you’re looking to buy your first pair then I recommend but if it is upgrading that you’re after this may not be the most viable.