Apple Park & May Event

So firstly what is the Apple Park?

Well its a campus based in Cupertino, California, United States. It is the headquarters of Apple and it is home its thousands of employees. The building itself was designed by Steve Jobs in partnership with Norman Foster and came up with the distinctive circular design. Most of the building itself is inclosed with curved glass windows and is accompanied by and entire roof covered in solar panels. Inside and the surrounding area is full of greenery as well as a orchard and pond. It took roughly 4 years to complete the entire construction of it and takes up a massive 176 acres. The name of where the new campus is based is actually called 1 Apple Park Way whereas their previous headquarters was called 1 Infinite Loop.

Now what is the May event? Not long ago an arch appeared in the middle of the Apple Park Campus, the colour of the arch is a representation of the original Mac logo and is up for an upcoming event which is taking place on the 17th of this month. This is to celebrate the formal opening of Apple Park and will be commendation to Steve Jobs.

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