Apple Card

What is the Apple Card?

To start simply, Apple plan to release their own “Credit Card” but they intend to make it more simplistic and secure in comparison to other banks. Apple card will live in your Wallet app on your device and is used like Apple Pay now, so using Face & Touch ID to make a payment.

With the many hidden fees with traditional banking Apple Plans to ensure that it doesn’t have any fees as well as providing one of the lowest rates in the industry.


Another benefit to Apple Card is when you make a purchase you can small percentage of what you’ve brought back in daily cash. It goes straight into your card every day.

With Apple Pay you can get notification specifying where and when you made a purchase. With Apple Card everything you buy gets a category and colour so you can get spend summaries. This can be weekly or summary.

Now, not all shops and restaurants will accept Apple Pay so Apple have designed a physical titanium card which you can use anywhere in the world.

For now Apple Card will released sometime this summer in the USA but are yet to find out when it could reach the UK.

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