Battery Health

Many of us struggle to make the battery on our iPhones last all day, our phones are becoming used more daily. The average person's screen time is around 3 1/2 hours daily!

If you have an older device, your battery will be more susceptible to failing. This is because, over time, batteries do degrade and are only capable of roughly 500 cycles. If you want to verify the health of your battery just pop into store and we will a provide a free battery test as well as advice on what to do next.

To do a more simple at home battery test, simply go into 'Settings' and then 'Battery' from here you can open 'Battery Health' where you'll be shown the general health capacity of your phone. Now, if your battery is fine but still isn't lasting as well as it should here are ways you can improve it.

Firstly, reduce your brightness. It may not seem like much but a high brightness level uses a lot of battery consumption so even lowering it a little can increase how long your battery lasts. Enabling ‘Low Power Mode’ in the battery settings will do this for you automatically when it senses you're in a lower light area. Other beneficial functions of enabling ‘Low Power Mode’ include it to temporarily reduce background activity like downloads and mail fetch until you can fully charge your phone.

Two other things that do cause a lower a lot of peoples batteries to die quicker is 'Raise to Wake' which firstly allows the screen to come on as it senses someone has picked up the phone. Although this feature is handy many times this will activate in people's pockets and bags thus using an unnecessary amount of battery. The next way to optimise your battery is turning auto-lock down, now this feature allows users to have their screen turn off after an X amount of time of not using your device but within this setting, you can turn 'Auto-Lock" to never which means your phone won't automatically lock itself and could potentially stay open/use all day without you realising it, so we really advise that 'Auto-Lock' should be set to 1 minute. Both these features are found within "Display & Brightness' where you can alter each setting.

The last way to save your battery is to see what Apps are using it up the most as well as Apps that are still running in the background. Clearing your most recent apps is one way to ensure you save battery life. Did you know that Apps that require Wifi and GPS tracking for example 'Snapchat" uses a ton of battery!

Brendan MillsComment