IOS 13

From Apple’s recent WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) that happened on June the 3rd they showcased a whole range of things they plan on releasing, one of them was IOS13. Generally, this update will be faster and more efficient. As well as App updating, App launching and Face ID have been significantly improved.

One of the long-awaited options is the new systemwide Dark Mode. We’ve seen this previously on Mac with macOS Mojave, and finally, we get to see this on our iPhones. You can set to have Dark Mode on 24/7 or allow it to be automatically activated to come on at sunset. Now, all of Apple’s built-in apps support the dark mode but third-party apps may not.

Now, the photo app has had a new design. Your albums are more easily segregated into years, months, days, we no longer have a ‘camera roll’ as such now all our images are put into the ‘All Photos’ department. Apple has made it so each photo is organised via locations or person, making it easier to see the photos you love the most. There have been a few improvements for the video editing tools, now you are able to rotate, crop, and apply filters to videos. One thing that has been improved, which I am most excited about is the more streamlined volume heads up display. Before, when turning up the volume it will come up in the middle of the screen blocking videos you’re viewing but now the control option appears on the side.

With the old IOS, find my friends and find my phone was separate but with 13 Apple have integrated. It now allows you to track every one of your devices such as your MacBook or Apple watch and shows you their last location.

CarPlay will have a new display view in IOS13, making it easier to view all your music, maps, calendar as well as allowing for Siri support for your third-party music apps.

Maps received another massive update, it will feature more precise addresses, areas they cover as well as an improved pedestrian data. Although the more improved apps are only available in some certain cities and will be coming to more countries in around a year. At the conference, we got a look at the look around the feature in Maps and the amount of detail is astonishing making it so much easier to see and find your favourite shops or restaurants. One thing that I love is the new Memoji stickers, meaning that people who don’t have facial recognition can have their own personalised character to send in messages, mail and more.

One of the other long-awaited things was the iPad having its own separate update or IOS. For ages, the IOS updates have been the same for iPhone and iPad and some updates weren’t specific enough to each device. Now, with iPadOS we can expect to see a new Home Screen, have two windows from the same app open at once as well as being able to pull out your daily view widgets.

Another small update, Siri now has a new voice. Now Siri sounds so much more realistic and natural.

At the moment IOS 13 is only available for developers as there is still bugs and minor tweaks Apple will make before the finalised release. The actual release will happen around autumn time.

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