‘What It Says On The Tin’ – Apple Product Repairs

Let's face it, it’s happened to all of us. You've just downloaded some music onto your iPhone, or installed some new software on your iPad, or have an important presentation or exam coming up which is entirely reliant on information stored on your Mac, and suddenly something's gone wrong. 

iPad screen repairs

Your computer and your Apple device are refusing to talk to each other or your Mac's refusing to boot. There's no Apple Store in sight and all your local computer repair places only know how to fix PCs. That is exactly the situation we at iRepairs Harlow exist to deal with. Whether your problem is software or hardware-based we can quickly diagnose and fix it at an extremely reasonable cost. From the cracked screen on your iPhone to your seemingly ‘bricked’ iPad, bring your ailing device to us and you will know it is in safe hands.

We are literally family business consisting of father, son and partner, so you can be guaranteed personal service rather than the anonymity of the larger stores and corporate outlets. Between us we have many years of experience and education in IT, electronics and servicing Apple products, so if it's fixable, we can fix it.

All iOS device fixes come complete with a one-year warranty, and we offer a same-day service, depending on the severity of the problem, with iPhones repaired while you wait. If it's just the screen that's the problem, you can pick your model from our website in advance so we know exactly what we're dealing with and are ready for you before you come in for an appointment. Anything else we will be happy to diagnose once you bring it in.

But we don't just do repairs. We also sell refurbished equipment, and, more unusually, offer lease finance to new start-ups for computer equipment. We can offer anything from £1000 to £15000 of lease finance to cover both hardware and software, offering the same terms and conditions whether you're a brand new business or have been trading for a decade, and whether you're a sole trader or a limited company.

This is an excellent alternative to purchasing new IT equipment, and can free up other sources of revenue to deal with any other overheads you may have.

If you any questions about Apple apps or Apple products in general, please contact the Team here at iRepairs Harlow. We’d be delighted to help.

E – info@irepairsharlow.co.uk
T - 01279 210091

Review: ZNAPS

What are ZNAPS?

Znaps is a magnetic adapter, designed to fit seamlessly onto your mobile phone charger. Like the Macbook’s magnetic charger and port, this has been designed to preserve your charger’s wire, keeping it snag-free and protecting it from any sudden pulls, trips and accidents. 

It’s also an excellent way of preventing your mobile or iPad from dropping to the ground in the event of the charging cable being snagged. The ZNAPS will magnetically pop off from the port, leaving your device exactly where it was. 

ZNAPS were the result of a Kickstarter campaign, originating in Toronto, Canada. With over 70,000 backers, and raising an impressive CAD $3,007,370, they’ve been a result of over a year and a half in development. Whilst this might seem like a considerably long time to wait for a product to launch, the end result is definitely worth it. Held in high esteem by a multitude of top tech publications (Macrumours and Gizmodo among them), ZNAPS is a high quality product that has been designed to fit a variety of iPhone and iPad models. 


  • ZNAPS fits any case. It’s exactly the same size as the charging port on your iPhone, slotting in neatly and securely. You actually have to put some force into it if you wish to pull it out of your phone, so at least you’ll know that it’s something that’s safely and securely transported with your device.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple phones and tablets - the iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Pro.
  • It successfully protects your charging cable from fraying, wiring damage, wear and tear. The magnet in the attachment allows the phone to easily pop away from the charger without any pulling.
  • It supports both charging and data synchronisation. 
  • Charging begins in just three steps. Firstly, connect the port adapter directly into the charging port, then slot your existing charger end into the next bit of connecting plastic. This then connects.
  • ZNAPS are also pretty water-resistant! They protect the power socket, sealing in the cracks in the phone to effectively lower the risk of any major potential water damage to your phone.
  • A small hidden LED is added into the ZNAPS to easily indicate when your phone or iPad is charging.
  • Fits all iPhone cases, so you won’t need to remove any casing before plugging in and charging.
  • Lightning/micro-USB and 


  • Whilst ZNAPS are great for when your device is stationary, it’s pretty hard to continue to use your iPhone or iPad whilst the ZNAPS is connected and charging. Any slight movement or yank causes it to magnetically snap away, thus disconnecting the charge. If you’re looking to use this, keep in mind that it’s much better suitable for the periods when you know you’ll be leaving your phone or iPad alone to charge.

iRepairs are a proud stockist of ZNAPS, available to purchase in-store from now. If you’d like to find out further information about this product, head on over to iRepairs’ dedicated ZNAPS website, https://znaps.uk.


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iOS 10 Update: What's In It?

Apple's latest update, iOS 10, has been available to download since the 13th of September. Billed as their “biggest ever update”, it provided a brand new, redesigned and comprehensive OS for iPhone and iPad devices. 

Take a look below to see what the new features consist of.

Redesigned Lock Screen

The lock screen is looking pretty stylish in this latest update. Slide to the left, and you’ll be presented (by default) with the time, a search bar, your latest events in your calendar, Siri App suggestions, Apple News, map destinations (which link to your calendar, if you provide any addresses), a battery tab to keep an eye on all of your Apple gadgets that are currently connected to the phone, Reminders, and Stocks. 

However…the Lock Screen is actually pretty customisable. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll notice there’s a section to add or remove Widgets as you please. So now you’re not completely stuck with that Stocks app!

Notifications now have 3D Touch support on the lock screen, allowing users to do more with it without even having to leave this screen. Reply to messages, check our videos and photos, or simply swipe away.

Slide to the right on the lock screen, and you’ll be presented with the camera, without having to completely unlock your phone. You’ll also notice a tweaked lock sound, too.

New-Look Messages

The messages screen has been completely redesigned. Once updated, users can send drawings to their friends (which work in the same way as Scribble on the Apple Watch), animated gifs, photos, videos and more. Digital Touch allows users to send “invisible ink” style messages, their heartbeat and more, whilst bigger emoji and a new predictive emoji feature is included. This suggests words that can be replaced with emoji. The Messages tab now has App Store support, so developers can start to create add-ons to enhance text conversations. The earliest to get on board is Nintendo, who are offering Super Mario stickers! 

Home Screen

The Home screen hasn’t changed too much, other than slight tweaks. If you 3D Touch on an app, it’ll open up any accompanying widgets, if it has any. This will sit alongside any of the Quick Action choices for that app. 

Home, Apps & Photos

There’s a brand new “Home” app in iOS 10. This is available for linking and controlling any HomeKit devices you might have, remotely. 

Good news! You’ll be able to delete almost all pre-installed apps now, if you so wish. So no need for that buried folder on your phone full of unwanted apps anymore. 

The Photo tab has also had a bit of a nice redesign. Albums are split up into square photo albums, with the opportunity to add more if you so wish. It’s slightly reminiscent of Instagram, and looks pretty clean and uniform. Photos also features facial and object recognition, which works alongside Memories, a feature that helps you to rediscover any forgotten moments. Perfect for the snap-happy people who might have hundreds of photos stored on their phones.

Apple News


Whilst it looks a lot cleaner and brighter, Apple News also now includes the choice for email or push notifications, such as Breaking News. It’s also a lot more organised, and offers more accurate recommendations, based on what news you’re currently following and reading. Subscription offers are now available through the app for publications.

Maps & Apple Music


Both Maps and Apple Music have been redesigned. Like the overall look of iOS 10, they’re both enabled with cleaner inferfaces that as a result, are much easier to use. Apple Music now includes a Lyrics function, whilst Maps allows third-party support.


For the first time since it’s introduction, Apple has allowed Siri to be integrated into third-party apps.  E.g. ask Siri to call someone in Skype, or call you an Uber. It’s available for these six functions currently: messaging, photo search, payments, calls, workouts, booking rides. Siri also works in CarPlay, adding the function for accessing climate controls and adjusting radio settings, too. As this progresses, we’re sure that more third-party apps will get on board with Siri functionality.

Small Tweaks

As well as it being a faster, smoother and cleaner experience, iOS 10 also includes an update to the QuickType keyboard. The predictive text is much more precise, and it’s a lot more responsive.