What News from Apple for 2017?

As you might expect from the one of the World’s leading tech companies, Apple are playing their cards close to their chest with regards to supposed developments for 2017. However, rumours and speculations are rife with the prospect of several product launches seemingly likely.

Here at iRepairs Harlow  we believe it’s crucial for us to be aware of each potential development, particularly if we’re going to maintain our place as the most prominent repair centre in Essex and Herts. With that in mind here are a few ideas...

when will there be an iPhone8?

An iPhone8?

It seems reasonable to presume that Apple’s next phone won’t be called anything more adventurous than the iPhone 8, and rumour has it, it will be released in the autumn. Perhaps there will be a number of models as previously, one of which is likely to have an OLED display. There is talk also of the removal of the ‘home’ button and use of a ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint scanner directly in the display.


As new iMacs didn’t appear in 2016 it seems likely that they will in 2017. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we will see iMacs in "mid-2017."  According to the same source: ‘iMac will likely include Intel's Kaby Lake chips and AMD graphics (in models that use discrete graphics options)’.

iMacs for 2017


We know that Apple is working on a new version of the iPad Pro but the actual changes remain vague. Most discussions seem to concern the size of the screen with possibility of it becoming a 10” device being to the fore. There is also talk of a smaller version at 7.5” to replace the iPad Mini.

Mac Books

It seems very unlikely that there will be a MacBook Air update this year (or indeed, ever) although the MacBook Pro is due an update – perhaps later in 2017 – this is likely to be processor related.

Apple Watch

It is unclear whether there will be a third generation of Apple Watches out in 2017 – but, if so, it may coincide with the iPhone 8.

apple watch for 2017

Other Apple Products

According to Macrumors, other updates may be due for the Mac Pro, Apple TV, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. We may also see the development of an Apple Home Hub and an update to the apple operation system (iOS11), as well as other innovative new products. Time will tell. One thing you can be sure of though is that new and exciting changes are on the way for 2017.

For more information on possible new products please visit the very excellent Macrumours.com.

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Jackbox Games - Hilarious Party Games for the Mac!

This time of the year tends to be a family affair for many. With the US celebrating Thanksgiving this week, and Christmas right around the corner, there’s plenty of reasons to organise family get-togethers. And with family get-togethers comes games, laughter and fun. Step away from the cherades though, and give your family something brand new, and pretty hilarious to try instead.

Introducing the Jackbox Games packs. Already a hit with Twitch streamers and the general internet, these packs offer games that are shown via a games console, PC or Mac, but each player uses their mobile phone to play along. 

For Apple product users, Jackbox Games packs are available for purchase via the Mac App Store. Priced at £18.99 each, each pack includes a 5 or so games to play with friends. Offering the choice of 1-100 players, there’s plenty of chance to involve all of your friends and family, both in the same home and across the net from their own respective locations at the same time. Each player connects to jackbox.tv on their phone, entering the special on-screen code seen on the TV/Mac screen.

Due to the increase in popularity of this companies output at the moment, there’s a significant amount of choice. But, where do you start? Check out the full list below to help you to make up your mind!

The Jackbox Party Pack

You Don’t Know Jack!

A brilliant spin on the classic pub quiz trivia, You Don’t Know Jack! offers hundreds of trivia questions in a fun gameshow-like setting. 

Fibbage XL

Playable for up to 8 people, Fibbage XL is broken into three rounds. Players are presented with an obscure fact with a missing word or phrase. They secretly provide the answer to the missing phrase, with the aim to create an answer that seems to be legitimate. The aim is to discover the lie, and earn he most points.


Like charades, Drawful asks players to draw out a prompt that they've been given. The other players must correctly try to guess what it could be. This game just gets a damn-sight funnier when you're playing it with people who really can't draw!

Word Spud

Fill in the blanks in this funny word game. Aimed more at adults, you have the opportunity to be as crude as you like here!

Lie Swatter

Lie Swatter presents the player with a number of statements which may be true or false. The player must determine which ones are lies and “swat” them, thus earning points for correctly guessed answers.

The Jackbox Party Pack 2

Fibbage 2

Just like Fibbage XL in the first page, Fibbage 2 presents even more facts, words and phrases, with the aim to discover the lie among the submitted answers. 


One of the funniest Jackbox Games on offer so far, Earwax offers players word prompts on the screen, which they then have to choose two sound effects in their list that resembles this the most. Of course, there’s quite a mixture of sound effects, and they won’t always match the word or phrase offered, so this is where it gets pretty hilarious. 


In Bidiots, you and the other players will draw some artwork which you’ll then get to bid on. The aim here is to try and get the closest bid to the actual price of your painting (each player will be privately be given a price, which they’ll be trying to aim for.

Quiplash XL

You might be familiar with this one, as this is the game that started to get people talking about Jackbox Games. Quiplash is a fill in the blanks style game, where players use their phones to finish a word, phrase or prompt. For those familiar with it, its pretty similar to popular card game Cards Against Humanity.

Bomb Corp

In Bomb Corp, one player is an employee of a bomb factory that must deactivate bombs as they come off the assembly lines. The other players are given different sets of instructions to help deactivate it. The instructions are potentially conflicting, requiring quite a lot of communication and collaborating between players.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Quiplash 2

The sequel to the previous pack’s Quiplash XL this offers a much more polished gameshow-style fill int he blanks game with hundreds more questions!

Trivia Murder Party

The strongest game in the third pack, Trivia Murder Party pits players with the aim to survive and make it to the end. Incorrect answers and failing at challenges will only lead to your sack puppet’s demise. Answer trivia questions, solve maths and logic puzzles, and try to make it as the last man (or woman) standing. 


In Gursspionage, players will be given a bunch of statistics (e.g. ‘How many people put up their decorations before December?’). You’ll then need to turn the percentage wheel until it arrives on a percentage that you think best matches the final answer for this statistic. The players with the closer numbers will be awarded points.

Tee K.O.

Another drawing challenge, Tee K.O. lets players design their own t-shirts. They’ll then get asked to come up with random slogans which will come into play once everyone’s drawings are completed. From here, players will each be given two t-shirts to pit against one another, with random slogans underneath. The aim is to pick the slogan that you think best matches the drawing. The player who’s slogan and drawings are matched up are given points!

Fakin’ It

Another lie-style game, Fakin’ It shows all but one player a question. You’ll need to raise your hand, make a silly face and so on if you agree with the statement. The player who isn’t given the question will need to decide how to react once the reaction time comes around, as convincingly as possible. The aim here is to try to not be spotted as the Faker. It’s actually a lot harder than it seems!

Review: ZNAPS

What are ZNAPS?

Znaps is a magnetic adapter, designed to fit seamlessly onto your mobile phone charger. Like the Macbook’s magnetic charger and port, this has been designed to preserve your charger’s wire, keeping it snag-free and protecting it from any sudden pulls, trips and accidents. 

It’s also an excellent way of preventing your mobile or iPad from dropping to the ground in the event of the charging cable being snagged. The ZNAPS will magnetically pop off from the port, leaving your device exactly where it was. 

ZNAPS were the result of a Kickstarter campaign, originating in Toronto, Canada. With over 70,000 backers, and raising an impressive CAD $3,007,370, they’ve been a result of over a year and a half in development. Whilst this might seem like a considerably long time to wait for a product to launch, the end result is definitely worth it. Held in high esteem by a multitude of top tech publications (Macrumours and Gizmodo among them), ZNAPS is a high quality product that has been designed to fit a variety of iPhone and iPad models. 


  • ZNAPS fits any case. It’s exactly the same size as the charging port on your iPhone, slotting in neatly and securely. You actually have to put some force into it if you wish to pull it out of your phone, so at least you’ll know that it’s something that’s safely and securely transported with your device.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple phones and tablets - the iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Pro.
  • It successfully protects your charging cable from fraying, wiring damage, wear and tear. The magnet in the attachment allows the phone to easily pop away from the charger without any pulling.
  • It supports both charging and data synchronisation. 
  • Charging begins in just three steps. Firstly, connect the port adapter directly into the charging port, then slot your existing charger end into the next bit of connecting plastic. This then connects.
  • ZNAPS are also pretty water-resistant! They protect the power socket, sealing in the cracks in the phone to effectively lower the risk of any major potential water damage to your phone.
  • A small hidden LED is added into the ZNAPS to easily indicate when your phone or iPad is charging.
  • Fits all iPhone cases, so you won’t need to remove any casing before plugging in and charging.
  • Lightning/micro-USB and 


  • Whilst ZNAPS are great for when your device is stationary, it’s pretty hard to continue to use your iPhone or iPad whilst the ZNAPS is connected and charging. Any slight movement or yank causes it to magnetically snap away, thus disconnecting the charge. If you’re looking to use this, keep in mind that it’s much better suitable for the periods when you know you’ll be leaving your phone or iPad alone to charge.

iRepairs are a proud stockist of ZNAPS, available to purchase in-store from now. If you’d like to find out further information about this product, head on over to iRepairs’ dedicated ZNAPS website, https://znaps.uk.


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